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Welcome to Dr. Dixon’s Sneeze-Free Living at-home allergy solution.  Dr. Dixon will prick your finger and collect a couple of blood drops to send off to our lab partner and in about two weeks, your test will be finalized and someone from our office will call to review your results and answer any questions you may have.

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Easy and affordable solution!

Now! From the comfort of your own home, office, or carpool line – test and treat your allergies. 

- SAFE -

Partnering with capable, proven and complaint organizations to deliver the testing and therapy…AT HOME!


Significant savings by paying cash versus using insurance and paying high deductibles.


Testing is precise and many customers see impactful results within 30 days of starting sublingual therapy.


Save time and hassle with therapies administered from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or carpool line.

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Step 1

Start with a quick and easy in-office or at-home finger prick to evaluate 68 environmental and food allergies.

Step 2

Review your results with Provider and decide what the  next best step is for you.

Step 3

Begin your sneeze-free living with at-home therapy in 1 minute per day, shipped to your doorstep!

Pay by Quarter

Every 3 months
$ 699 Per Quarter
  • 3 mos. sublingual therapy
  • Review with Provider
  • Test ordered separately

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Simple finger prick at-home test
$ 295
  • Test for 28 food allergens, 40 inhalant allergens
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Pay by Year

Save big
$ 1599 per year
  • 12 mos. sublingual therapy
  • Review with Provider
  • Test ordered separately

Traditional Route

  • Sticks and Shots: 53
  • Drive time: 50-100 hours per year
  • Waiting Room time: 26 hours per year
  • Loss of work: 104 hours per year
  • Loss of education: 26 hours per year
  • Average Annual Out-of-Pocket cost:  $10,000

Freedom Route

  • Sticks and Shots: 1
  • Drive time: 0 hours per year
  • Waiting Room time: 0 hours per year
  • Loss of work: 0 hours per year
  • Loss of education: 0 hours per year
  • Average Annual Out-of-Pocket cost:  $1,800

YES! I want Freedom!

Are you struggling with:

  • Sneezing & snotty seasons?
  • Weekly trips for shots?
  • Mounting out of pocket payments?
  • Loss of work with weekly driving for shots?
  • Kids out of school every week?
  • Wear and tear on your car?
  • Screaming kids for fear of a needle again?
  • Loving your pet…from afar?
  • Buying stock in tissues?
  • Searching for a better way?!

Hello Freedom!

  • At-home/In-office finger prick test
  • 40 Environmental triggers
  • 28 Food questions
  • Telehealth consult (if needed)
  • At-home sub-lingual therapy
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Reclaim hundreds of hours
  • Stay at work
  • Stay in school
  • Get back outside
  • Take back your life

Sneeze Free Living utilizes research-based and effective sublingual immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a revolutionary treatment that retrains your immune system through exposure therapy.

Exposure might seem counterintuitive, but it is actually how we naturally breathe in allergy triggers.

This preferred treatment is widely prescribed by physicians at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard, and Duke. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is proven safe and effective in 49 studies with over 4,500 patients.

Immunotherapy is also the only therapy in Europe and has been for decades!

Immunotherapy therapy relieves your symptoms and fixes your allergies for a lifetime, not just a “season.”

Some patients report feeling the benefits within the first month, and others by month two or three.

Traditional allergy therapies like nasal sprays and antihistamines only work for a few hours, but SLIT provides lasting relief.

That means you stop suffering from symptoms because you won’t get them in the first place.

No more yucky allergy shots and sneezes! Say goodbye to chasing quick, short-lived relief.

Take your life back and enjoy your “sneeze-free life!”

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